We are very excited to get back to the court and we are planning on starting our season on Saturday 18 July and will run over a slightly shorter season, noting that we plan to finish right on the September ACT school holidays, so we can still go into summer comp as usual and to avoid clashes with other sports as they return in the summer.


There’s a possibility that some grades will not have finals and would be ‘first past the post’ depending on numbers. We are currently finalising the draws and they will be available on our website from Monday 13 July 2020. See are website at: http://arawangna.act.netball.com.au/common/pages/public/rv/draw.aspx?entityid=39126.


We know that some athletes may not be able to return and before your teams makes any decisions, we have some athletes still looking for teams to please reach out to us for assistance so that we can get as many people returning to netball at Arawang to help lighten up the year so far.


As we’ve noted before, we will be limiting the amount of time people can be at the courts so we are operating on the fact that your teams will arrive ready to play and will leave directly after the game. There are signs around the grounds and hand sanitiser at the entry and exits.


Strict guidelines do apply and we ask for your cooperation:

  • All clubs/Schools to complete a COVID-19 Stage 2.2 Safety Plan PRIOR to Saturday 18 July. ANA version attached for your information and reference. 
  • Maximum of 100 people, including (including staff, trainers and spectators) per indoor or outdoor space, or one person per 4 square metres, whichever is lesser. 
  • NO Spectators inside the gated court venue.
  • 1 person per 4 square metres rule to apply both inside and outside the gated venue.  
  • ONLY 4 courts will be in operation at one time (1, 3, 4 & 6). 
  • Staggering timeframes will be implemented to minimise crossover of athletes and public between sessions. 
  • Courts will need to be cleared out before the next session can enter the venue
  • Teams are to gather outside of the gated area closest to their scheduled game court and enter together once ushered by an ANA Official
  • Coaches MUST record all players/coaches details at each game; this includes checking players health before entering the courts. A template is attached for your convenience. Register MUST be sent to arawangnetball@gmail.com following each game.
  • Coaches of younger players MUST check the health of players with parents/guardians prior to game time
  • Maintain closure of the Arawang Pavilion which includes change rooms, toilets, bubblers and canteen (with the exception of officials being able to access equipment and ice). 
  • Entry and exit points will be easily visible and accessible; courts 1 & 3 from top gates and courts 4 & 6 from bottom gate
  • Arrive no earlier than 15minutes before your game. 
  • Leave promptly after your game - do not gather and socialise at the venue.
  • Ensure there is minimal sharing of equipment amongst participants with the coach handling much of the equipment.
  • Limited and controlled scoring materials to be provided. Inters/Cadets and Seniors only. 
  • No scoresheets or ladders will be kept for junior competitions, years 2 - 6.
  • Seniors to umpire their own games. To be reassessed after round 2. 
  • Players, Coaches and Officials MUST be registered in MyNetball BEFORE they take the court. 


We won't be having a canteen at this stage, but will be arranging for coffee.


Clubs can train at the courts during the week; however you will need to have submitted your club safety please and contact us for a booking.

As always we are ‘here if you need’ so please reach out if you have any questions arawangnetball@gmail.com.


Whilst this seems like a daunting time, we are very lucky to be able to return to the courts. We ask for your full cooperation and appreciate your patience during these uncertain times. Preparation is key to success and we believe as a community that we have what it takes to do this together successfully. 


Please click for:

1. Safety Plan template

2. Attendance Register